15th Century And Earlier

Bellissimo! in Freiburg

June 6 2024

Image of Bellissimo! in Freiburg

Picture: freiburg.de

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

I failed to spot that a new exhibition opened in the Augustinermuseum in Freiburg last month entitled Bellissimo! Italian paintings from the Lindenau Museum Altenburg (via @bastianeclercy).

According to the city's website:

Magnificent golds and bright colors, elegant lines and refined artistic techniques - this is how precious Italian paintings by Fra Angelico, Guido da Siena or Sandro Botticelli inspire. They were created in famous art centers such as Florence or Siena. The exhibition shows the pictorial world of churches and private devotion, but also offers insights into the art of stately courts. The Lindenau Museum in Altenburg owns one of the most important collections of Italian paintings from the 13th to the early 16th century abroad. On the occasion of its renovation, the treasures are guests in Freiburg. 

The show will continue until 3rd November 2024.

Donatello's Judith and Holofernes Conserved

June 4 2024

Image of Donatello's Judith and Holofernes Conserved

Picture: ansa.it

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

News from Italy that Donatello's bronze of Judith and Holofernes has been conserved and redisplayed to the public. The sculpture, in the collections of Palazzo Vecchio, has just completed a ten-month conservation project which was funded in part by the Friends of Florence Foundation. Click on the link to see images of the newly restored work.

Fra Angelico at the Palazzo Strozzi

May 31 2024

Image of Fra Angelico at the Palazzo Strozzi

Picture: palazzostrozzi.org

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence have released details regarding a major exhibition they are planning in 2025. The show, dedicated to Fra Angelico, promises to be an unmissable event.

According to their website:

The occasion of the exhibition will see the restoration of extraordinary masterpieces and the re-assembly for the first time ever of several of Angelico’s great altarpieces that have been dispersed in museums throughout Europe and North America. This will allow an unparalleled journey, with loans from the most important museums and institutions in the world such as the Louvre in Paris, the Gemäldegalerie in Berlin, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, Windsor Castle, the Vatican Museums, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art in Washington, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Angelico allows an exploration of the production, development, and influence of Fra Angelico’s art in dialogue with painters like Lorenzo Monaco, Masaccio, Filippo Lippi, Jan van Eyck, and Lorenzo Monaco, as well as sculptors such as Lorenzo Ghiberti, Michelozzo, and Luca della Robbia.

The exhibition will be opening in September 2025!

Brancacci Chapel Restoration Completed

May 29 2024

Video: @MichelangeloBuonarrotietornato

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The restoration of the Brancacci Chapel in Florence has been completed after a 3 1/2 year project. Begun in November 2020, the project had included an in-depth analysis of the pigments and processes used in its creation by Masolino, Masaccio and Filippino Lippi. Findings will be presented in a special conference next Spring. Watch the video above to see some of the conservators at work, although, the accompanying music is awful, so I recommend muting your speakers beforehand.

Sculptural Portrait of Brunelleschi Discovered

May 24 2024

Image of Sculptural Portrait of Brunelleschi Discovered

Picture: ansa.it

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

News from Italy that a terracotta bust of the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi has been discovered. The work by Andrea di Lazzaro Cavalcanti called il Buggiano (1412-1462) was discovered in a Florentine residence and has been purchased by the  Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore for €300,000. Click on the link to see a photograph of the bust.

Filippo e Filippino Lippi in Rome

May 16 2024

Video: askanews

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

A new exhibition opened at the Musei Capitolini in Rome yesterday. As the title suggests, the show will examine the careers of father and son Fra' Filippo Lippi (1406-1469) and Filippino (1457-1504). Both works on paper and paintings will be on display drawing on loans from collections across Italy.

The exhibition will run until 25th August 2024.

See Restoration of Masaccio on Scaffold

May 10 2024

Image of See Restoration of Masaccio on Scaffold

Picture: smn.it

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Visitors to the Florentine Church of Santa Maria Novella will be able to glimpse at Masaccio's The Holy Trinity up-close during the next few weeks. This has been made possible due to a special scaffold having been erected for a conservation project on the wall painting. It will cost a mere €1.50 (on top of your entrance ticket) to see the work up close!

Adopt a Fresco at the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo a Passignano

May 1 2024

Image of Adopt a Fresco at the Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo a Passignano

Picture: Wikipedia

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo a Passignano, also known as the Badia di Passignano, are running an 'Adopt a Fresco' scheme to help raise money to conserve their set of 30 wall paintings. Undertaken by Filippo di Antonio Filippelli (1460-1506), a pupil of Domenico Ghirlandaio, the vast scheme of paintings are in need of consolidation and restoration. Donors will have the opportunity to have their names engraved onto a plaque.

The Arts in France during the reign of Charles VII

April 26 2024

Video: Pixelucis

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

I missed the news last month that a new exhibition opened at the Musée de Cluny dedicated to the Arts in France during the reign of Charles VII. The show focuses on works produced during the end of the 15th century, troubled by the last outbreaks of the Hundred Years' War and prone to influences from Flanders and Italy.

The show will run until 16th June 2024.

Sleeper Alert?

April 15 2024

Image of Sleeper Alert?

Picture: Bonhams

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Multiple accounts on 'X' (formerly known as Twitter) had drawn attention to this painting catalogued as 'After Rogier van der Weyden, late 17th Century - Portrait of Philip the Good' which achieved an impressive £203,600 over its low estimate of £4,000 last week at Bonhams London.

Fra Angelico Predella and Altarpiece Reunited

March 29 2024

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

News from Italy that a predella and altarpiece by Fra Angelico have been reunited. The altarpiece, depicting the Coronation of the Virgin, was dislocated from its predella at the end of World War II. They had been kept in separate museums, split between the Uffizi and the San Marco Museums in Florence respectively, for decades. Fortunately, the Uffizi have now sent their altarpiece to be reunited with its predella, for an indefinite period it seems, in the San Marco Museum.

Restoring the Louvre's Van Eyck

March 28 2024

Video: Louvre

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Louvre in Paris have made the following video detailing their recent work on Jan van Eyck's La Vierge et l'Enfant au chancelier Rolin. The work is currently the focal point of an exhibition at the museum which runs until June.

Piero Della Francesca Panels Reunited in Milan

March 20 2024

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

News from Italy that a group of panels by Piero Della Francesca have been reunited for a special exhibition at the Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan. The 8 panels were once part of a grand polyptych created by the artist between 1454 and 1469 for the altar of the Augustinian church in Borgo San Sepolcro, Arezzo. The altarpiece was dispersed at the end of the sixteenth century and the surviving panels are now split between various museums across the globe.

The exhibition will run until 24th June 2024.

Boston MFA Conserves Vivarini Altarpiece

March 19 2024

Image of Boston MFA Conserves Vivarini Altarpiece

Picture: MFA Boston

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston have just concluded a five-year conservation project on a magnificent altarpiece by Bartolomeo Vivarini. Painted in 1485 for the church of St. Andrew, Rab, Croatia, the work has undergone vast sets of treatment for the frame, gilding, polychrome sculpture and panel paintings.

The altarpiece will be redisplayed in the museum's European galleries on 21st March 2024.

The University of Oxford are Hiring!

March 14 2024

Image of The University of Oxford are Hiring!

Picture: stcatz.ox.ac.uk

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

The University of Oxford are hiring an Associate Professorship in the History of Medieval Art. The role also comes with a Tutorial Fellowship at St Catherine’s College (pictured).

According to the job description:

We are looking to appoint an Associate Professor with particular research and teaching expertise in Medieval European Art before 1500. The appointee will be able to bring together students and scholars working in this period across the Humanities Division and in Oxford’s libraries and collections through a consideration of visual and material cultures, including in Oxford's own collections and beyond--and ideally encompassing research and teaching that expands the field's traditional geographic and methodological boundaries. The appointee will have the opportunity to co-convene the Medieval Visual Culture research seminar, contribute to other pre-1500 research seminars and projects across the Division, and build on the numerous research collaborations established locally, nationally and internationally by Professor Gervase Rosser over the past 30 years.

The appointee will be able to critique constructively the geographic and methodological boundaries of the field, which would complement similar work being undertaken across the Humanities. This has been generating new and creative work both at and beyond the margins of Europe before the Reformation and beyond traditional canons, e.g. in Medieval Islamic art, in Byzantine artistic connections with Western Christendom, and in the diverse media deployed by artists and requested by their patrons in the period before 1500.

The job comes with an annual salary between £44,296 and £59,479 and applications must be in by 18th March 2024.

Good luck if you're applying!

Roman Bust Unearthed during Car Park Extension at Burghley

March 14 2024

Image of Roman Bust Unearthed during Car Park Extension at Burghley

Picture: burghley.co.uk

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

Interesting news from Burghley House in Lincolnshire, that a Roman bust that was unearthed during the extension of their car park has been redisplayed in the house. The ancient marble was discovered by a digger driver who was working on the site, who swiftly brought it to the attention of curators at the property.

According to the website:

But it remains a complete mystery how the head and bust ended up buried in the park, with explanations ranging from a bungled burglary to someone simply discarding the statue and it later being covered by soil.

It is also unclear how long it has remained hidden underground before being discovered in late April 2023 when the new car park was nearly complete.

It was during work on an overflow parking area, at the edge of the main site, that digger driver Greg Crawley noticed a pale object amongst the lifted earth, which turned out to be the head. Thrilled with the discovery of the ancient artifact, to everyone’s amazement just weeks later a second discovery was made within a short distance of where the head was found, when the bust was also unearthed.

L' Enigma del Maestro di San Francesco

March 11 2024

Video: askanews

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

A new exhibition has just opened at the Galleria Nazionale dell' Umbria dedicated to unravelling the mystery of the thirteenth-century artist known as the Maestro di San Francesco. The exhibition features seven out of nine of the master's recognised corpus, and will run at gallery until 10th June 2024.

Memling on CODART Canon

March 1 2024

Diptych of Maarten van Nieuwenhove by Hans Memling with Anna Koopstra (CODART Canon) from CODART on Vimeo.


Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

CODART (the international network of curators of Dutch and Flemish art)have recently published the following video on Hans Memling's Diptych of Maarten van Nieuwenhove in the Museum Sint-Janshospitaal, Bruges. The video is part of their CODART Canon series.

Cleveland Acquire Stoss Sculpture

February 22 2024

Image of Cleveland Acquire Stoss Sculpture

Picture: clevelandart.org

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

I'm a little late to the news that the Cleveland Museum of Art announced their acquisition of Veit Stoss's limewood carving of Jesse at the end of last month. 

According to the museum's press release:

Veit Stoss was one of the most influential German sculptors and is most celebrated today for his dramatically carved and emotionally intense limewood sculptures. This is the first sculpture by Stoss acquired by the CMA. The work depicts Jesse, described in the Bible as the father of David who became king of the Israelites; Jesse is therefore regarded as an ancestor of Christ. 

“Stoss is the seminal artist of this genre,” said William M. Griswold, CMA director and president. “Jesse, the CMA’s first Stoss work, will serve as an anchor for our German collection. Beginning March 1, 2024, visitors can get their first glimpse in the gallery for German and Austrian Gothic Art (111).” [...]

The sculpture, an extraordinary new discovery in late Gothic sculpture, was part of an altarpiece in a church, possibly in Nuremberg, Germany, which showed the Tree of Jesse in the center. After 1812, the sculpture entered the collection of Prince Ludwig of Öttingen-Wallerstein (Germany, Bavaria). In 1998, it was bought by Rudigier Kunsthandlung, Munich, Germany. 

Sleeper Alert!

February 14 2024

Image of Sleeper Alert!

Picture: Vanderkindere

Posted by Adam Busiakiewicz:

'X' (formerly Twitter) was awash with news about the following painting which was auctioned off at Vanderkindere in Belgium yesterday. The work catalogued as 'Flemish School, 16th century' achieved €202,000 over its €10,000 - €15,000 estimate.

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